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We can agree on the fact that you need to consider the amenities available where your family can relax and have more fun. Vine Residences offer overwhelming amenities such as pools, parks, play areas, fitness zones as well as lounges. There are second to none building facilities; all put in place for your convenience as well as safety. These facilities include standby generator set for common area and select unit outlets, which means you will never have to deal with power shortage issues. There is also an automatic fire sprinkler system in place for safety measures. Nobody wants to live or invest in an unsafe place. Also, for your mailing requirements, a centralized mailroom system is conveniently set up just for you. You might be wondering what you are going to do with your kitchen waste; well there is a centralized garbage collection and a disposal system set up to ensure hygiene is not compromised.

What are the amenities?

As the saying goes; work without play makes John a dull boy; at Vine Residences, you get to enjoy various amenities. For your morning jogs, you will be impressed to know that there is a jogging trail as such you will not have any excuses not undertaking your runs. Do you love getting in touch with nature? That too has been put into consideration; there is an amazing central park with sunken gardens where you can relax and clear your mind from a long days’ work staring at the beautiful plantation. Sometimes, you could have a function, and you do not have a place big enough to accommodate your guests. Well, at Vine Residences this issue is addressed as such there is a function room for all your events. This saves you unnecessary expenses that would have otherwise been used in searching for a place to hold your functions. On a sunny day, you probably prefer swimming to shopping. There are adult lounge pools where you can have a deep during your off-work days; only adults are allowed around here since there is also a children’s splash pool. Isn’t this place simply the best?

We know children are a lot that needs to release their energy and we do not want that to take place in the house because we might have to replace a couple of things after that. Well, at Vine Residences you do not have to worry about that since there is children’s play zone; this zone is safe for your child, and thus you can carry out your house chores without having to worry about a thing. As we grow old, we want to keep our bodies fit since nowadays there are a lot of diseases that could be attributed to the current lifestyle. So, most people sign up for fitness classes. You do not have to go far away to look for a fitness facility; there is a fitness circuit zone right at Vine Residences provided for your fitness needs. If you do not attend your fitness sessions, you won’t have an excuse. There is also a vine nature park suitable for all ages; here you can get to make memories with your beloved ones. You also get to enjoy the breath-taking camp hill site and the gazebo.

At this point you might want to ask; what about the lovers of outdoor activities? You don't need to worry since there is a sports ground which has a basketball as well as a volleyball court. Can it get any better? Recreational facilities are some of the places you get to meet new people and turn them into friends. So, do not be left out in this wonderful project; be a part of it and you will have nothing to regret in living at the residences.

Services at Vine Residences 

We are all aware of the fact that services can make or break an establishment. There are professional services for the residents without any discrimination some of which include around the clock security. Security is paramount if you are going to have a peaceful neighborhood. Today the world has been reduced to what is referred to as a global village thanks to the advancement in technology. Very many people make a living from online businesses as such they need access to the internet wherever they go. At Vine Residences, there are Wi-Fi ready lounges taking care of the needs of everyone. Also, in place are the front desk and doorman services which are important for any kind of establishment. This ensures that any queries you might have are addressed in a prompt manner not to mention there is also the provision of professional property management services. Needless mention, this is a bet worth your while if you want to invest or you are looking for a home.               

Other Vine Residences features include CCTVs to enhance the security. Each tower will have two elevators serving all the residents. As you can already see, all your needs and worries have been addressed given that this particular project wants to give you nothing but the best; your satisfaction and comfort is the drive. Again, if you are searching for a home or even an investment, you have to make a sound decision.

  • 24-hour security
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
  • Centralized Mailroom System
  • Centralized Garbage Collection and Disposal System
  • Standby Generator Set for Common Areas & Select Unit Outlets
  • Wi-Fi Ready Lounges
  • Front Desk and Doorman Services
  • Professional Property Management Services
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The Unit Size and Prices

Naturally, you might want to ask about the units available within the two towers. The units are magnificent in every aspect possible. You might want a little lighter on the size of the unit and not to forget the price of course. We could say that they are quite a good bargain depending on all the provisions. The 1st Tower from 2nd to 12th floor you get to choose the unit that you feel suits your needs as well as those of your family. It comprises of 2-bedroom unit that is 29 square meter ranging from 2.26 Million to 2.51 Million; the other unit available in the first tower is two-bedroom End Unit also 29 square meters, and this particular one has its price ranging from 2.43 Million to 2.53 Million. You could as well choose a two-bedroom unit with a balcony which is bigger than the rest; it measures 31 square meters and going for 2.41 Million to 2.49 Million. On to the 2nd tower from 2nd floor to 12th floor, you also have the freedom to choose the unit that you believe is suitable. If you prefer this particular tower, you will choose from various units as well, going at different prices depending on the size and the available features. There are two-bedroom End units 29 square meters ranging from 2.42 Million to 2.69 Million. Also, there is 2bedroom Units size; 29 square meters between 2.24 Million and 2.32 Million. Then lastly, there is the 2bedroom Unit with a balcony measuring 31 square meters going from 2.38 Million to 2.7 Million.

The development covers a land area of about 3.1 hectares and comprises of 5 buildings. There will be 11 residential floors on both towers. The two towers are expected to be complete by May 31st the year 2020. There will also be a total of 579 parking spaces which will occupy the lower and upper ground floor.

All the Vine Residences’ 2BR units are skillfully designed to provide ultimate comfort with a touch of elegance. The units are designed with natural lighting and ventilation in mind, therefore conserving energy that would have otherwise been unnecessarily consumed. The clever utilization of space brings a comfortable living experience to all its residents.

The Unit Finishes

Today, everyone wants not only to just have a home, but also one with a touch of elegance. This is why the homes at Vine Residences have the kind of finishes that you will fall in love with. There will be 418 units in tower 1 and 396 units in tower 2; therefore, you have an option to choose between a 2BR unit with or without balcony. The flooring will have a ceramic finish and the wall painted cement finish. The main door will consist of laminated wood as well as the bedroom door. The toilet and the bathroom will have a PVC door. Bath and toilet floors will be made of ceramic tiles while the walls will be a combination of painted finish and ceramic tiles. The fixtures provided are lavatory, shower set, and water closet. In the kitchen, there will be base cabinets with a sink. The finish of units with balcony is going to have a metallic railing and ceramic flooring.

All the units will be provided with cable TV, internet facilities as well as telephone. Also, there will be individual electric water meter. With all these wonderful features, you can be sure to find a unit that goes well with your taste and preferences. As we have seen, this development has been carefully planned to put your needs first, and I highly recommend that you consider Vine Residences in your quest for a home or investment.

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